The Wellness Reboot: Mindset Mastery, Meal Planning Mojo, & Well-Life Blueprint


This package includes:

* Your Online Wellness Reboot Assessment and thorough review by Ebeth prior to your session

* A pre-session intuitive reading by Ebeth to tap into the energy of the universe and dive into not only my education, expertise, and experience, but also my powers of intuition that guide me to receive specific next steps and supportive insights specifically for you.

* One 60 minute remote coaching session with me to connect and explore nutrition prescriptions, product recommendations, recipe ideas, and lifestyle guidance to identify a clear set of goals and next steps for your ongoing success.

* Your personalized Wellness Reboot Plan with personalized nutrition and product recommendations as well as lifestyle modifications that honor your goals, support your needs, and set you up for success. You’ll also receive a recording of our call.

* 14 days of email access to support you as you implement your Well-Life plan, lifestyle modifications, and nutritional changes into your daily life. I’m here to provide answers, support, and celebration. (I’ve even been known to hop on the phone—at no charge—when I feel you really need some personalized support. ‘Cause I’m generous like that!)

The Full Value of this package is $499.

Because you are par of the Good for Her Soul Community, YOU can enjoy a deep discount, paying just $199.


Ebeth creates customized packages and programs for her clients, always infusing these 7 core values into her work: 

  • The Power & Magic Of Whole Plant Foods: A diet based on whole plant foods is one full of the micro-nutrients that nourish our mind, body, soul, and goals. (This DOES NOT mean you have to give up meat.)
  • Meeting You Where You Are: Ebeth meets you where you are and respects where YOU want to go. Her purpose is to share with you the information, skills and meaningful mentorship you need to achieve your individual goals deliciously and with confidence.
  • Joy & Laughter: Lifestyle changes are a bit easier with a good dose of humor and some full belly laughs. These, after all, are two of our best medicines.
  • Openness & Communication: Our food choices are very personal and rooted in our culture, our childhood experience, our belief system, our sense of taste, and our perceptions.  This is why Ebeth invites you to freely and openly communicate your story, your perspective, your challenges, and successes so that you feel honored while being open to new ideas about what it means to eat well.
  • Fearless Education: Fear is NOT a lasting or powerful agent of change.  So Ebeth doesn’t use it. Instead she inspires her clients to discover their True Goals, tap into their deepest motivators, and then keep them in mind so that staying on track and achieving your goals becomes easier. 
  • Judgment-Free Experience: No matter where you are on your journey to wellnessEbeth respects you and will not judge you.
  • The Power Of WomenWomen – working collectively to feed ourselves, our children, our family, and our community well – can end the illness epidemic we now face.


Click here to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 20-minute clarity consultation with Ebeth. During our call, you’ll address questions and concerns and you can FEEL what it’s like to work with Ebeth so you can make an informed and confident decision.

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