Limited Edition Good for Her Soul Bracelet – Blue


Look good, do good.

These beautiful Beads by Ebeth bracelets were designed exclusively for us and take their inspiration from Good for Her Soul as a reminder of the power we have when we come together. And what makes them extra awesome is that with every bracelet you purchase, you’re helping another woman on her own well-life journey. Profits from the sale of these bracelets help Ebeth provide her services at no cost to those who might not be able to pay for the nutritional expertise and empathetic support they so deserve.

And just in case providing those feel-good benefits for others wasn’t awesome enough, you’ll get an added boost from the stones – check out the details below. Get all three unique designs and wear them in one powerful combination!

*a note about sizing – each of these bracelets are individually handmade, so sizing may very slightly, but each bracelet is approximately 7 inches/18 cm in diameter

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Silvertone Concentric Circle

Taking inspiration from the Good for Her Soul logo, this charm is a reminder of the power we have when we come together. When we combine our love for one another with the right products, services and resources to help celebrate and support the women in our lives, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Sodalite (round blue stones with white swirl both big and small)

Sodalite brings your attention to the qualities of idealism and truth. Its energy can encourage you to live up to your own ideals and ideas. It stimulates latent creative abilities and aids teachers, writers and students to understand the deeper philosophical principles. It is an excellent to aid communication and may help you if you are doing public speaking.

Dumorierite (small square blue stones)

Dumortierite is a stone that teaches you to stand up for yourself. It will help you to take control of your own life and increase your level of patience. It is very stimulating to the brain and brings enhanced intellectual abilities as it assists with all mental skills, both mathematical and language based.


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