Opening Up

Confession number two of the month – sometimes I forget that people actually read our blog. Now, clearly I mean for it to be read and I love that you all check us out – thank you! But once I hit publish on a piece, it’s on to the next thing for me. I’ve freed up the brain space regarding that particular topic and I forget that only after I’m done with it do other people begin. Earlier this month, I shared that June had been a rough month for me. And while the whole point of the post was to say how much I love my village and how grateful I am for my friends and family around me, I hadn’t anticipated a whole second wave.  I shouldn’t have been at all surprised – you all are amazing.

As usual, once I posted the blog, I moved on. But then the texts and emails started coming in. “I saw your blog post and remembered that I have been meaning to reach out…” “I was thinking about you and then I saw your post…” And many more like those. My village was growing and an amazing thing happened as I started to share more – my village was sharing back with me. And not at all in the misery loves company way – in the thank god we can talk about it kind of way. I’m always amazed at how many similar experiences we share, but don’t know about. Struggles at work. Navigating relationships. Dealing with change. Feelings of insecurity. Not knowing what the hell we’re doing.

Once again, I’m reminded of the power of opening up. When it can seem the hardest to reach out for help or acknowledge that things aren’t going as we’d hoped, simply saying it out loud makes it okay for others to do the same. And wow – is there strength in knowing we’re not alone. So here’s to the power that comes from saying it out loud. Thank you for allowing me to share that my life is messy, complicated and hard sometimes. I hope we can all find the courage to acknowledge that and share with each other. It really helps lighten the load and remind us of the bright, beautiful and lovely parts of our lives.

– Catherine Wemette

About Catherine 

Catherine can’t decide if she’s a dog or cat person and she’s pretty sure she’s not allowed to be both. She is the founder of Good for Her Soul and you can reach her here.

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