Is Money Love?

Love and Money Concept with Dollar Bill in a Heart Shape. Is money your only love? Does money buy you love?It’s easy to fall into a trap of buying something¬†to show love. I can’t make your birthday party, but I’ll send a gift to show I care. I missed your recital so I bought you the new outfit you’d been wanting. I know you’re having a shitty day so I bought you your favorite coffee. And constant bombardment of holiday advertising doesn’t help. “Show her you love her!” is screamed at us from every jewelry store commercial. “Give him what he really wants this season!” is suggested by big red bows on cars.

Is the only way to show someone you love them to buy something?

I worry some about that as I find myself sucked in by the awesome cards and gifts I find for the site here. While I absolutely adore the stuff we carry, I don’t want to contribute to the idea that the only way to show someone you love them is to spend money. Don’t get me wrong – a thoughtful gift can have a huge impact. It’s one of the reasons we so carefully curate our collection here.

But that’s absolutely not the only way to show someone you care. On our inspiration wall, you’ll find stories about so many non-money related ways to support people in your life. Hugs. Grabbing your car keys and meeting them where they are. Inviting them to do something with you. You’ll also find a number of resources on our site. It doesn’t cost anything to pass along a phone number or share information with someone you love.

For me, the key to showing someone you care is putting a little thought into it. What would be most appreciated by the person you’re thinking about? What takes a little effort on our part often means the world to someone on the receiving end. So whether it’s taking a walk in the middle of the work day to be a listening ear, getting two coffees to bring back to the office instead of just one or finding that perfect gift of meaningful jewelry, there are limitless ways to show we care. Sometimes it’s an investment of dollars and other times it an investment of time, but either way, it’s the investment that lets them know we care about them.

– Catherine Wemette

About Catherine
Catherine has just under 3 years to prepare for the Alcatraz Challenge, which she’d like to do when she’s 40. She should probably get back in the pool at some point, but in the meantime, she is the founder of Good for Her Soul and you can reach her here.

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