Trying for Baby

When my husband and I decided to start a family, we didn’t have much luck. We tried all the stuff: diet, exercise, ovulation charts, getting drunk and screwing in the back seat of the car – nothing worked. We ended up going the fertility doctor route, and after our first procedure I was pregnant. I had one friend that knew what I was going through as she had done it herself, and I ecstatically informed her of our success. But in less than two months, the fetus had become nonviable. We were crushed. Of course, I informed my friend and she shared in my sadness. She also sent me one of those chocolate fruit basket thingys – she said that she knew that I like food, that chocolate is my go-to when feeling down, and that I needed to keep my strength up if I decided to try again. It was perfect – sensitive but sunny, caring and positive, just like her. Oh, and now I have a seven year old boy. –L, 48

Not all our losses may be public, but they’re painful just the same.