Starter Marriage

In my mid-twenties, I was married to my college boyfriend; by my late-twenties, my “starter marriage” had crashed and burned. I was devastated: betrayed, sad, ashamed, and lonely. My very best work friend was there for me right from the start – he just listened and gave me hugs; not once did he say, “I knew it” or “I never liked him.” At least three nights a week, he and his live-in girlfriend had me over for dinner (even though I was a terrible guest and just sat there and cried). He made sure I got out of the office for lunch and brought me cigarettes (I know, I know…boo…). As I progressed through my grief, he invited me to outings and activities; never pushing, always supportive. I will never forget the kindness he showed me. -L, 48

Other relationships may change, but you’re there for her when she needs it.