Not Just About the Baby

Baby showers and pregnancy often go hand in hand. When I was pregnant with my first child, my co-workers wanted to throw a baby shower for me before my departure.  I was touched by the thought that those involved in the planning put into what the shower would mean to me.  It wasn’t about the cute gifts (though those were received) but about me.  The food was all of the items I had been craving during my pregnancy (chocolate milk and Vienna finger cookies, anyone?).  A music CD was compiled to play in the background for entertainment purposes, but also for me to have as a keepsake of the day.  Games were centered around my obsession with celebrity gossip – a match that celeb to their baby.  It was a special day not only because they were celebrating the next chapter in my life, but also because all those special touches showed that they genuinely wanted to do something meaningful and memorable for me. -J, 39

Sure, she’ll be a new mom, but she’ll always be your girl