Making Time to Celebrate

I’ve never been good about celebrating my own accomplishments.  It doesn’t seem to come naturally to me, and with the increased responsibilities of work, parenthood, and generally adulting over the years, it slipped way to the bottom of the priority list.  When I graduated from law school, my inclination was to skip the commencement and just treat it like any other day.  Maybe sleep in for a change?  My mother insisted.  Really, she guilted me into it.  Somehow she knew that going would end up meaning a lot to me… and she also knew that I wouldn’t go if she didn’t make it all about giving other people the opportunity to celebrate me.  “It would mean so much to your father.”  “Just think about the memory your son will have of his mother in her cap and gown.”  Before I knew it, she had me shopping for a new dress.  On the day of the commencement, I walked across the lawn with all of the other graduates, and all of my people were there, dressed to the nines.  She was right, of course.  It was a wonderful, incredibly meaningful moment.  Then, after the ceremony, we went back to her house where she had set up the most beautiful reception… and just my style.  No big speeches, no formalities, just a quick toast to my accomplishment, great food, and relaxed conversation with family and friends. – A, 41

Make sure she knows you’re all about the celebration of her.