The Basics

A gal pal of mine, also the parent of three children, developed pneumonia after a lengthy illness. She was exhausted and felt both crummy and helpless. Her spouse works full time and was doing all of the car pools for the kids and household errands. But in all of the bustle, my friend shared that they hadn’t had a chance to get groceries and were running low on everything. So I went to the grocery store and bought everything I thought a family of five would need for a few days and then delivered the bags to the front door. I texted when I was a few minutes away, just telling her that I had groceries for her,  would leave them on the porch, and that she didn’t have to open the door until I drove away. She later told me that it was such a huge relief to get that delivery. It’s not something she would have asked for, but she really needed it. -B, 41

We might not have all the basics, but we’ve got sidekicks!