Don’t Ask, Just Do

In the face of tragedy and despair, I put my best traits to work; Bossiness and Organization.  I’ve learned that when bad things happen, my most common response was “let me know what I can do to help”.  No one EVER asks for help.  So when a coworker lost everything in a house fire, I went shopping.  I bought enough outfits for about a week so that she could get up in the morning and have the essentials.  Another co-worker’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My friend and I decided that we’d coordinate a week’s worth of meals to be delivered right after each chemo treatment.  That way, mom could focus only on feeling better and we’d feed the family.  In both of these situations the women and their families were wildly grateful.  I needed no thanks and I wanted no thanks.  I was simply honored to be there for these women in their time of need.  -C, 40