Broken Heart

After being in an on again/off again relationship for almost 5 years, we finally found consistency and began what I thought was our “fairytale” – until it wasn’t.  We got into a groove, 5 years of steady dating, and I just knew marriage was our next step. Well, I was wrong. He starting seeing a co-worker, received a break-up text via email, and one year later, I heard he was engaged to be married. Mood: shocked and heartbroken. Now I was already dealing with the emotions of being deserted after being in a relationship for a decade, but to know that someone else received what I thought was my ring, that left me in fetal position – for days. Going to work was the only reason I left home. And this went on for a couple of months. It wasn’t until my friends stepped in and announced that my grieving period was over. They wouldn’t allow me to wallow in self-pity and woefulness anymore. So I began to engage with my friends more, doing structured activities, which really helped me gain confidence in myself again. I began to meet new people – and felt like I was worthy of fulfilling relationship and deserve as much love as I give. It took time to put things into perspective, but I had to go through a process to be in a better place. And I feel very good right now. -T, 44

Relationships are tricky. Help her through her transition, whether it’s a loss or celebration