A Dollar and Good Timing

About 12 years ago, I hit the stress trifecta:  marital separation, solo parenting a toddler, law school student.  I was also juggling two or three part-time jobs at any given time (toddler in tow) on top of trying to do those normal adult things like feed myself and shower with some regularity.  One day, I was dashing around, trying to cram in errands (yes, again, happy little toddler in tow) and I found myself way too far away from my car when the meter was about to expire.  Money was especially tight at the time, so this was a tough blow.  I finally made it back to my car  – cheerily chatting with the toddler, beating myself up inside – and found the meter was green and there was a note lodged in my sideview mirror:  “A, I’ve got your back. love, D.”  (My brother, who worked in the area, had walked by, recognized my car, and paid the tab.)  It was such a small thing, but in that moment it felt huge.  Sometimes just knowing that someone has your back is everything.  (Also, it helps to have a very distinctive car.) – A, 41

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