Galentine’s Day 2017

So I’ve clearly been delinquent in posting lately, and I’m sorry about that. I didn’t really want to post something that wasn’t related to Galentine’s Day after our awesome launch event, but now we’re nearly at the end of February and I’ve been too quiet. Part of the reason I haven’t posted yet is because I honestly didn’t really know what to say about Galentine’s Day 2017. I was so overwhelmed by the amazing women in one room together. Where do you start? Do I start by how impressed I am with you each as individuals? With how loved I felt by everyone who showed up to support Good for Her Soul and me? By how honored I was to work with each of our partners who attended, donated raffle prizes and shared the event with their networks? With how much work it was but how it was so completely worth it?

All these things are equally true, but the more I reflected on Galentine’s Day, one of the things I loved most was that it became a reason for women to get together with their friends. I heard from person after person that they were meeting up at Galentine’s Day and then heading to lunch. Or out for a drink. Maybe to grab coffee and catch up. This made my heart the happiest.

Day to day gets so crazy that it seems to get harder and harder to make plans with our friends. There’s always a good reason – or what seems like a good reason – to put off that catch up session. You have to work late. You haven’t seen your family much recently. You aren’t feeling 100%. You’re afraid you’re too stressed to be much fun. These things cross my mind with more regularity these days and most of the time I push through them and see my friends, and I’m so glad I do. But I don’t always because sometimes there’s just too much shit going on. The fact that Good for Her Soul could offer people a good reason to get together and make time for each other is the part of our event that made me most proud.

So a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who was able to join us, both in person and in spirit. I hope the soul of Galentine’s Day will be with you all year around and you’re able to continue to carve out pockets of time for those who are Good for You Soul. That thought alone is wonderful for my soul.


p.s. Check out our Facebook page for awesome Galentine’s Day 2017 photos!


It apparently takes Catherine a lot longer these days to recover from a good party. She’s the founder of Good for Her Soul and while she can’t promise she’ll get back to you before 2019, you can try to reach her here if you’d like.

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