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Bossed Up Bootcamp: Work with experts to develop a roadmap to the sustainable success you want – and gain the skills that will get you there. You’ll leave this transformative weekend of expert-led training with:

  • a new professional headshot
  • our take-home workbook, full of exercises and prompts to keep you on track
  • a fun and physical Sunday morning workout
  • 6 MORE WEEKS of intensive email accountability, with a step-by-step plan for implementing lessons learned at Bootcamp
  • lifetime access to our alumni Lift Ticket back to Bootcamp!
  • and access to our growing nationwide community of Bossed Up women!

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About Bossed Up

We believe work, love, & wellness are connected.
It’s time to stop kidding ourselves: when something’s not right at home, we don’t show up fully at work. The data points to the same conclusions: happier, healthier employees are better for the bottom line. Smart companies and workers know that investing in your personal wellbeing is an investment in your professional success.

We thrive in a community of growth.
Smart leaders never go it alone: we surround ourselves with people we love, trust, and can grow with. As women helping women, we lift as we climb: we hold the door open for others to join us on our journey to living a boss life. We are deliberate about cultivating healthy relationships that support purpose-driven living.

We’re progress-obsessed research junkies.
Our work is based on the latest social science, cognitive and behavioral psychology, and gender equity research. We develop and test our curriculum in collaboration with experts, academics, and an array of professionals. We believe in data-driven testing and stand by our community’s successes after Bootcamp.