Being Resilient

Recently, I read the Harvard Business Review’s interview with Sheryl Sandberg on her book, Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy. It brought me back memories when I faced a tremendous tragedy.

It was the end of November and my parents, my brother and I were going to travel to Paris to visit, for the last time, my dying aunt. The day I was to leave for Paris, my husband and I had an ultrasound appointment. I was eight weeks pregnant and after a painful miscarriage a couple months prior, we were excited. The joy ended quickly when we were told there was no heartbeat. One of the worst things parents-to-be could ever hear.

I got on the plane, heading to Paris, after that devastating appointment. I didn’t have time to process everything that just happened but I had plenty of time to grieve on that plane by myself. Then to add to the already dismal day, my parents and I headed to the hospital to visit my cancer stricken aunt who only had a couple of weeks to live.

Resilience – what does that mean and how does it help you during the most trying times? Nothing will ever prepare you for such heartache. Nothing. What I got from Sheryl’s interview is not the preparation but how to deal with the tragedy as it unfolds. Learning how you best cope and what you need in order to find happiness again. That could be crying or leaning on close family and friends. For me, it was being by myself to lament then lots of hugs from family and friends followed by intense sweat soaked workouts. No one can ever really understand the pain you go through but to understand yourself and what makes you resilient is the best thing you can do to face adversity. I, unknowingly, found my option b two years ago during my first pregnancy that ended in travesty during my second trimester.

Resilience is knowing how to survive.  

– Mai Bruneau

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