Here’s to strong women.

May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

Good for Her Soul is support and celebration of women at every stage of life. We make it easy to congratulate your friend on her achievement, toast to a new chapter or let her know you’re thinking about her during a difficult time. You’ve got her back, so let us have yours. We’ve brought together everything you need to show her you care — cards, gifts, services and educational resources.

We often want to reach out, but aren’t quite sure what to say or how to say it, and this is where Good for Her Soul can help. You can check out our inspiration wall to get ideas of what’s been helpful to others during times of joy or heartache, or browse ideas and options by type of occasion or event.

In partnership with other small businesses and the highest quality retailers, Good for Her Soul offers a variety of products and services to help with everything from a small pick-me-up to major event planning. And because our partners are services we’ve used ourselves, you know you’ll get the quality and attention you deserve.

In addition to retail options, Good for Her Soul highlights nonprofit organizations focused on women’s issues and services that may be helpful to you or the women in your life.  You can find information on health and wellness, domestic violence prevention, professional organizations, crisis intervention and other areas where we could all use a little guidance.

We all want to be a source of caring and celebration for those we love, and Good for Her Soul makes that just a little easier. We’re here for you, friend.

Want to learn more? Check out our mission statement here.

About Our Founder

Catherine hoping the ice cave doesn’t collapse on her head while on a glacier hike in New Zealand.

Catherine Wemette is the founder and Chief Goodness Officer at Good for Her Soul. Her inspiration for this adventure came from the amazing women she has in her own life. She’s fortunate to have a close circle of strong, talented and caring friends and family who support her, and she believes that we all want to take better care of each other – it needs to be just a little easier in the middle of everything else we have going on.

Catherine grew up in Minnesota and is a Midwest girl at heart, but loves living on the East Coast just outside Washington, DC. She loves to travel, exploring the world and recharging with girlfriend get-aways. She also enjoys Virginia wineries and the freedom of adulthood that allows you to eat Girl Scout cookies for breakfast (because let’s be honest – most other parts of adulting are kind of a bummer).